1) Customer sends his order to Greenlifemedss,(GLMS)
2) Customer receives order confirmation email with payment details
3) Customer sends payment for his order
4) Staff receives order and does verification payment
5) Staff forwards order to shipping department
6) Shipping department packs the packages and sends on customers address through carrier
7) Package delivered to customer

There comes a sense of safety and comfort when walking into a pharmacy and ordering your prescriptions that some may not feel when ordering their prescription medications online.  However, many are looking to purchasing prescription medications online because of the cost savings.  Just because a medication is cheaper when bought from a foreign pharmacy online doesn’t mean that it isn’t safe.  Some may wonder if Global Pharmacy Plus is a scam or wonder if Global Pharmacy Plus customers had any problems with ordering medications online from foreign pharmacies.  Potential customers can determine whether Global Pharmacy Plus is a legitimate and safe online pharmacy in several ways.