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nGabapentin Capsules are used to treat:
n• Various forms of epilepsy (seizures that are
ninitially limited to certain parts of the brain,
nwhether the seizure spreads to other parts of
nthe brain or not). Your doctor will prescribe
nGabapentin Capsules for you to help treat your
nepilepsy when your current treatment is not
nfully controlling your condition. You should take
nGabapentin Capsules in addition to your current
ntreatment unless told otherwise. Gabapentin
nCapsules can also be used on its own to treat
nadults and children over 12 years of Gabapin 300mg online
n• Peripheral neuropathic pain: (long lasting
npain caused by damage to the nerves). A variety
nof different diseases can cause peripheral
nneuropathic pain (primarily occurring in the legs
nand/or arms), such as diabetes or shingles. Pain
nsensations may be described as hot, burning,
nthrobbing, shooting, stabbing, sharp, cramping,
naching, tingling, numbness, pins and needles Gabapin 300mg online
nWhat you need to know before
nyou take Gabapentin Capsules
nDo not take Gabapentin Capsules
n• if you are allergic to gabapentin or any of the
nother ingredients of this medicine (listed in
nsection 6).
nImportant information about potentially
nserious reactions buy Gabapin 300mg online
nA small number of people taking Gabapentin
nCapsules get an allergic reaction or potentially
nserious skin reaction, which may develop into more
nserious problems if they are not treated. You need to
nknow the symptoms to look out for while you are
ntaking Gabapentin Capsules.Read the description
nof these symptoms in section 4 of this leaflet
nunder ‘Contact your doctor immediately if you
nexperience any of the following symptoms after
ntaking this medicine as they can be serious’.
nOther medicines and Gabapentin Capsules
nTell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking, have
nMedicines containing opioids such as morphine
nIf you are taking any medicines containing opioids
n(such as morphine), please tell your doctor or
npharmacist as morphine may increase the effect
nof Gabapentin Capsules.
nIn addition, combination of Gabapentin Capsules
nwith opioids may cause symptoms like sleepiness
nand/or decrease in breathing.
nAntacids for indigestion
nIf Gabapentin Capsules and antacids containing
naluminium and magnesium are taken at the same
ntime, absorption of Gabapentin Capsules from
nthe stomach may be reduced. It is therefore
nrecommended that Gabapentin Capsules is
ntaken at the earliest two hours after taking buy Gabapin 300mg online